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Encounter the agility of air freight, guaranteeing prompt delivery for time-sensitive shipments, harmonized with the steadfastness of ocean freight, presenting economical and secure transportation solutions for all your shipments. 🚀🌊

Ocean & Air Freight

At SCM Freight Forwarder, our cargo consolidation service goes beyond efficiency – we orchestrate a seamless integration of shipments, maximizing space utilization, minimizing costs, and ensuring synchronized delivery to your destination.

Cargo consolidation

At SCM Freight Forwarder, we specialize in the secure and compliant handling of restricted cargoes, ensuring precision and peace of mind for your sensitive shipments.

Handling of restricted cargoes

Elevate your cargo handling experience with our meticulous Packing and Repacking services at SCM Freight Forwarder. We specialize in the careful handling of restricted, normal, and oversized cargoes, ensuring the utmost precision and professionalism throughout the process.

Packing and repacking

Our facilities are strategically chosen to be in close vicinity to major airports, ensuring swift and efficient air transportation. Additionally, we are strategically situated near key storage sites in port areas, streamlining the movement of goods by sea.


At SCM Freight Forwarder, we go the extra mile to ensure the safety and security of your cargo. We proudly offer comprehensive cargo insurance, providing you with a robust layer of protection for your valuable shipments.

Cargo Insurance

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